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soundfix story #24 @ Jun 15 2017

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soundfix Level 201 Reboot Xenon 4
Should I spend another kidney and a half to maybe get a permanent pet on Reboot or should I put that money into things besides NX and not dishonor my family further hmmmm. Hard choices in life.


wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
Don't dishonor your family, son. I love you and want you to live a colorful life. Spend the money for that.
Jun 16 2017
gakinotsukai Level 205 Bera Bishop
9/50 pets are permanent. 18%

This is nexonNA were talking about (1/10 innate debuff to good prizes). 1.8% chance.

Assuming no repeats (best case scenario). Perm in 56 boxes.

4k ($4) each per box. $224.

From experience, I'd say we'd be lucky to assume 0.5% chance. Multiply by 3.6 ($806.40).

You also get 200 temp pets cluttering your inventory. Best tactic, try once and settle with that. If waters of life are meso, that's good enough anyway.
Jun 16 2017
vipdabes Level 220 Mardia Kaiser 4
@gakinotsukai: this math is so messed up. you added so many unnecessary and unproven multipliers.
Jun 16 2017
blazar Level 220 Reboot Dark Knight
Alternatively you can just murder Hard Hilla everyday for a high chance of getting a free 90 day Blackheart pet... if you are strong enough.
Jun 16 2017
soundfix Level 201 Reboot Xenon 4
@wellness: I wish my real dad will love me like that.
@gakinotsukai: Tbh I was thinking about spending give or take 500 but like. Um.
@random87: Ikr who needs a whole kidney to function
@blazar: But I want my pet to be aesthetic and not that little black turd =(
Jun 17 2017

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