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juniororeos Level 207 Scania Jett 4
@ your favorite people on basil and state why!

@friedclams - he always talking about food, and i luv it

@ashleyattacked - she has the power to annoy people with ease!

everyone notifications gonna be lit af
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antisenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art antisenpai is intoAntiSenpai
+3 @markred626: Cause #1 realest person on Maple, best Maple budy and always helpful even if it's something stupid, or something incredibly annoying.

@EternalMemory: We getting Married.

@SmartBored: Even tho you annoy me to no end now, before you were cool af, really helpful on gear upgrading, but you were always the whipping boy, hopefully you stop taking people's sht and go off on some fools instead of being Mr. Nice guy.

@Wall: You always keep it real, you're extremely helpful when you need to be and extremely foolish when you want to be, you're a cool dude who will either go out of their way to help others or direct them to google where they can find all the answers, also gave me a emo ign that I treasure.

@xylyls: You're a respectable dude, I hope your father is alright, and if things too a turn for the worse, come talk to me whenever, I'll be there for ya man! (Even if they didn't, you still a friend, so can always come chat)

@Pavchka: We haven't spoken in a while, even tho we have skype and Fb, I hope things are going well for ya, especially with driving! I know it's a pain in the ass, but you're doing better and you just need to capitalize on your little mistakes and feel more comfortable in the car, watch out for those little evil J-walkers! Also, miss ya!

@MrBasil: Thanks for the time you put into the site, most people don't like the changes, myself included, but if it wasn't for you, most of us would not have met, I hope that whatever you're doing in life is going well and that the site makes a turn for the better with the next few patches going to be pretty cool.

To everyone else, I hope you have a great day, I may be an ass to most people, but just know I care about all you fools and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you guys, so with recent events going on, please be safe and if you have kids, for the love of god don't let them near any damn animals that can/will eat them.
Jun 16 2016
repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
+6 @deeemon, @aeynx, @fighterdoken, @chickensoul and everyone on Basil forums #81, I don't know whether you still play a Hayato much less the game, but you're all cool anyway.

@galbatore, @chaosh, @axnslicer, you've all disappeared, but your posts were fun to read.

@helpingly, for being kind and generally awesome.

to everyone on these forums who have made me laugh at one point or another (too many to list), thank you

to every single artist on Basil, you inspire me

to everyone on the Basil discord, thank you for that time you made me laugh so hard I forgot why I was having a bad day. You're all awesome.

to everyone who has drawn/involved me in cool art things, @corakora, @sippycup, @dearlybeloved, @416ix, @enoch129, @hangwithhung, @quasar, @vivabasura, @sploggles, @sainkookie and more people I've yet to remember (I'll think long and hard today on who I'm forgetting, I'm sure there's more and I need to show all of you my love), thank you for making me feel special

and to @quasar, your quirkiness always puts me in a good mood. I hope your talent for all things creative (smutty fanfiction included) continues to grow and make people happy.
Jun 17 2016
decensy Level 210 Bera I/L Arch Mage
+7 @quasar: thnx fam
@quasar: he's always a dork and makes people question themselves but thats ok, hes great

@xylyls: is one of the people i know the most on basil, great music taste and is always fun to talk to

@repentant: you're a hoe, jk ily, your personality is just great idk

@theify996: he fights me for my kibby, but you gotta love him

@sirkibble: is a dorky kinky fok, luv u xoxo

@helpingly: how are you so nice, goddamn. aside from being nice, you can be a dip sht but ily

@krazykid132: you think i hate you, but i dont. teasing you is always fun with @sainkookie

@sainkookie: you're my wife and ily
thnx for being such a babe

@mizuichan: is a kinky and hilarious captain

@vivabasura: you and your drawings are always bae

@dreanburster: booty bae, luff you
ok 2many to name
pretty much everyone @quasar named are among my favorites
Jun 17 2016
krazykid132 Level 1 Windia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art krazykid132 is intoKrazyKid132
+4 Damn this is cheesy af but, w/e
@helpingly puts up with my sht the most and gotta respect that, but still wont sing.

@firebolt You cool like caillou

@mybuliets Still sad about our wedding but you're fun.

@decency You're mean to me but in a nice way. Its weird.

@repentant You will forever be my teacher.

@quasar You are Quasar what else could I want you to be?

@sainkookie You're passion for food is admirable

@rate My lewd teacher and so other stuff

@glyph you know why.

@raginroxas Youre pretty nice and one of my flannel teachers
Jun 17 2016
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