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% stats to solo bosses

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dan129834 Level 153 Broa Angelic Buster 4
Hey guys, im actually posting here a lot in the last few days because i barely know something...
i saw a guide that list the bosses in order from the easiest to the hardest
Easy Zak
Easy Von Leon
Easy horntail
Easy Mag
Queen, Von bon, Pierre
Von Leon
Pink Bean
Chaos Ranmaru
Hard Hilla
Chaos Vonbon
Chaos Queen
Chaos Pierre
Chaos Vellum

my question is how much % primary stat on each equipment should i have to be able to solo at least normal magnus?
and if you can also tell me which stats should i have on my weapon, because i saw that on the weapon i should have % total damage or % att or % PDR(which i dont know what it is, if you can tell me i'll be glad) or % boss damage. if so how much % of this should i have on the weapon?
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risastolemyhart Level 40 Scania Spearman
CZak that low. Have you not played for a year? If you have about 600k range you can pretty much kill most of them in a few seconds, insta kill or within a few minutes. Obviously except...

Chaos CRAs
Hard Hilla
Hard Gollux
Chaos Zak
Hard Gollux

Don't bother with these ones unless you are 2mil-2mil or near it, aka spend a crap tonne of money
Aug 28 2016
dan129834 Level 153 Broa Angelic Buster 4
for czak i need 2m range?
and for hard gollux how much should i have?
my main is angelic buster if that helps. and to get to 600k range how much % i need to have? about 15% primary stat on each equip? and how much % of what should i have on my weapon?
Aug 28 2016
lycanthropods Level 230 Broa Shade 4 No1Care Guild
@dan129834: There's no straight answer to how much range or % stat you need for any of these bosses. It really depends on your control of your character to determine the minimum funding needed to defeat these. Just go for as high as you can on each equip and go testing bosses from there.

Czak was buffed in the last 6 months and has a lot more HP than it used to. As for weapons, you want a combo of % attack and % boss on your regular potential, then % attack on your bpot.
Aug 28 2016
dan129834 Level 153 Broa Angelic Buster 4
Which item gives bpot? I know that its better to have 3 lines of pot and 3 of bpot and then cube it until i get something good

Edit: and by range i meant the minimum range to solo these bosses
Edit 2: oh and thanks everyone for helping me, i really need it 😄
Aug 28 2016
st1598 Level 210 Windia Blade Master
@dan129834: I solo'd hard gollux at 300k range if that tells u anything, but I'm a bm
Aug 28 2016
dan129834 Level 153 Broa Angelic Buster 4
my range is around 75k buffed, angelic buster and i dont have % on my equips

edit: oh and by the way i have big spider familiar, this will help me with the drops, but how much drop it gives?
Aug 28 2016

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