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the best output dmg in game?

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so i always hear that kaise can hit 64 lines with wing beats (idk what it is) and gigas and other stuff

so if he can hit 50m per line x 64 lines = 3.2b dmg
that mean u can truly solo every boss in this game in just 1 sec being a kaiser?

idont know and i dont have a kaiser i just wanna know if this is true and if its possible....

thx and happy mapling
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MeerCats Level 183 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Er, isn't max # of hits 15?
Jan 01 2014
A class can hit 300 times a second. That automatically makes them the strongest class? Even if those hits are for 2% of their range. Right guys?

Jan 01 2014
calebheads Level 200 Scania Hero
i just wanna know if kaisers can do this[/quote]

They can't.

Someone give me a medal please.
Jan 01 2014
Psychopathic Level 165 Bera Evan 10th Growth
The max number of lines is 15, how'd you get 64?[/quote]

Autism*15= 64
Jan 01 2014
ProHealer Level 211 Khaini Bow Master
Yes kaiser can hit 64 lines per second

using no delay
Jan 01 2014

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