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this place is a dump

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sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
Something stinks. Maybe it's just basil itself... is it time to shut this trash heap down for good?
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tampons Level 210 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
do they still suspend people?
May 13 2018
tiesandbowties Level 50 Broa Assassin
nah i like coming here to feel what i once felt back in middle school. it's cool

what would be cooler would be mr basil reformatting the site back to the yeti days
May 13 2018
capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
@tampons: Not 'they' just one left called Bogman. Bogman likes to suspend me exclusively, not a joke. I got my account banned for being black... Beware susnhine, characters like you and ex-me are not welcomed here.
May 14 2018
motomage Level 110 Bellocan Aran 3
+1 @vivabasura: but the game does suck now o___o lol let me tell you a story of how mr basil used to run an auction site here 12 years ago, why i remember selling my klang crab claws here for 2k each back in the day from florina beach. back than people had a hard time killing lupins and crabs, but had to complete the beach quests for all that good quest experience. klang and king crabs were lightning week so we ice/light mages held an upper hand in the maps and would wage many a kill stealing wars in those 12 channels back in my time. i met many old friends selling those crab legs here, one weekend i even made over 300 thousand mesos selling just legs! i bought so many red bean sundaes i treated myself to a mp burning exploration day in orbis. ah, the good old days when jr lioners and pixies were a struggle kill.
May 15 2018
vivabasura Level 231 Demethos Kanna 4 See what games, anime & art vivabasura is intoBasura
@motomage: i was there i dont care, the thing is just because this game's golden age is over it doesn't mean the community should be crap and nostalgic all time, there's a healthy community at reddit and very lively discord groups out there, it's okay to miss old game but it got out of hand and toxic in this forum so rip
May 18 2018
sanjupm Level 231 Bera Corsair See what games, anime & art sanjupm is intoSanjuPMSheriff
@vivabasura: I think there's a toxic subset of people on every ms community platform, its just that its more apparent here due to the very low active users that use Basil.
May 18 2018
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