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to spank or not to spank

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coldair Level 133 Scania Phantom 4
If any of you have children, would you use physical discipline? Why or why not?

Idk.. I misbehaved all the time as a child so my mom took me to the doctor to see if I had ADHD and I remember the guy just saying I needed to be spanked more. I hated that guy. But was he right?
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4evavoodoo Level 149 Bera Bishop
spank like theres no tommorow nah jks depends
Sep 22 2015
updated Level 186 Scania Zero Transcendent
sometimes children need to be spanked, but I wouldn't hit them with an object
Sep 22 2015
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
I don't think I would ever feel like spanking my children. But I'm not against it.
Sep 22 2015
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
There's no scientific evidence that spanking has a good effect on children, so if, for whatever reason, I decided to breed, I wouldn't spank them.
Sep 22 2015
mateocl Level 169 Elnido Blade Master
I would not resort to physical discipline.
Sep 22 2015
goldyboi Level 120 Scania Thunder Breaker 3
I put them on timeout and tell them to think about what they did wrong. Then I ask them if they've learned the lessons or not and to have them tell me what is the right thing they should had done.
They are seated on the floor crisscross and silence by the corner of the wall with nobody given permission to talk to them unless authorized to do so or else face the same consequences. Sometimes they even give me timeouts and I took the punishment like I care so they will know i'm being serious about the timeouts. The saddest part is watching having them look at me with those huge googling eyes full of tears and that mouth that looks like its about to cry. Especially that little fat kid nephew of mine who is only 4 years old and he is so darn cute that whenever I put him on timeout and his expressions show. My heart hurt like hell like i'm going to have a heart attack or something, but Man! This stinks because I wrote this crap on an online forum which no one even bothers to read.
Sep 22 2015
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
i'd spank my kids, but it's easy for me to say right now because i don't have any kids of my own and i'm surrounded by abunch of spoiled brats. they're so disrespectful that i have a serious urge to just slap them across their faces. but it's their parents who raised them like that, df can i do if i have kids, hopefully i can raise them better so i would never have to resort to spanking them... but if they are seriously out of line, then i would spank them.
Sep 22 2015
shini Level 120 Mardia Mechanic 4
Absolutely not. Studies shown physical discipline would cause negative long term affects on children. There are numerous of harmless ways to discipline children and for them to get the point without resorting to hitting.
When you really think about it, why does it ever have to be necessary for you to hit them on the butt when it comes to discipline out of everywhere else. It sounds like sexual abuse. A slap in the face is much different, but still.

And no that guy wasn't right. He was just ignorant. Unfortunately many people with real reasonable problems would get treated unfairly because everyone is ignorant to what the real issue is. I have bipolar disorder and experienced it.
Sep 22 2015
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