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trading a clean slate 20 miraculous 60 chaos scroll

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What would you trade or buy for a clean slate 20% scroll and miraculous 60% chaos scroll

(I need money and fast)
Posted: February 2012 Permalink


MariixP Level 129 Windia Night Lord
Trade what you have.
Feb 04 2012
manpreet007 Level 224 Bera Hero
if you need MONEY fast i suggest finding a job that pays per week, If you need MESOS fast then M. chaos scrolls wont get you that, and not sure about clean slate u dont say if its GM clean slate or not
Feb 04 2012
BlueBlueBandit Level 122 Windia Blade Recruit
If you want money fast sell them for 10k each, i can guarantee that someone will trade you within 10 seconds for it
Feb 04 2012

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