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fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Me and my crush and some coworkers went into the city recently. The car was full, and I sat in the middle back, with my crush next to me on one side both ways. So yeah we were all squeezed up next to each other. On the way back, we talked a lot, and I mean I realize we couldn't help being squeezed together since it was a small car, but she seemed to lean into me and be comfortable and all that. It was nice cause we never really get to be that close at work...

Anyway, this is her last week at work.
I miraculously managed to take someone's shift, so me and her will have the same exact hours on Thursday, so that is a great last hurrah for me to work with her I'd say.
After/during the shift I'm planning on asking her to dinner that same night. Well, maybe I should call her before Thursday so she has some heads up or something.

And at that dinner, it COULD be the last time I see her before she goes off to college, since she won't be going to work anymore, and she'll be outta town for a while and then I will be. So I'm gonna tell her how I feel and ask her if she feels the same, and discuss all that.
If possible, after dinner I'll bring her to this nice spot that overlooks our town and tell her there.

Seriously guys, there's NO WAY she can't see this coming. Two freaking years.
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sammmmmich Level 205 Bera I/L Arch Mage
+5 Two years of Basil telling you to just do it has amounted to this. Make us proud.
I swear to God though, if you puss out..
Jul 11 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
@sammmmmich the only way it isn't gonna happen now is if she's busy Thursday night, or if she doesn't come to work for some reason.
Backup plan would be lunch or something on Friday.

@zigen oh I will. The only reason I haven't been there lately is because you guys always tell me the same thing about it.

@qtwarriorxx9001 thanks I hope so.

Everyone has always told me I should just go for it, and I think that means they think I have a chance. Even people IRL who know me and have at least seen my crush. So yeah. I gotta do it. Nothing to lose now anyway.
Jul 11 2016
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