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what books are you guys reading?

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dragonvard22 Level 162 Bera Blade Master
50 shades of grey yo
Aug 07 2015
holydragon Level 182 Windia Bishop
Currently have Highschool Irregular epub on phone
Aug 07 2015
khazix Level 17 Broa Beginner
How To Attract Alpha Females With Your Mesos & Lvl 250 Characters by @0kevqn and @RitoPls
Aug 07 2015
abyssmind Level 200 Scania
y'll shud read brothers karamazov. such a deep book that delves into human psychology
Aug 07 2015
currently reading The News by Alain de Botton atm

gonna read The Republic (Plato) and Meditations (Aurelius) afterwards probably
Aug 07 2015
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Still reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Got to chapter 3 about a month ago and haven't picked it up since.
In fact I haven't felt like picking up many books in the past year, I dunno why.
Aug 07 2015
migoreng Level 180 Scania Hero
the rainbow fish
ok but really atm, the death cure (maze runner series)
Aug 07 2015
alvinhero123 Level 59 Scania Mechanic 2
Reading How to Read Literature Like a Professor for my summer reading.
Aug 07 2015
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