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what is the point of all stat stat

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nattl532 Level 198 Broa Mercedes 4
each job only needs 1 stat, whats the point of having 4 different
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aznunlt Level 207 Scania Cannoneer 4
because int warriors are the most powerful warriors are u dumb?
Dec 28 2012
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
Xenon need 3 stats... what are you talking about?
Dec 28 2012
Sometimes if it isnt a class-specific item, like an earring, you can share it with other characters instead of just having it for one
12% STR earring will be good for a warrior
12% ALL STAT earring will be good for all classes (which is why it is also more expensive)
Dec 28 2012
@Business: You may be right, idk, but I was just using it as an example why all stat is better . I assume nexon put all stat in there for that reason considering the fact they don't let us share CS inventories really.. so they are being nice by putting all stat so some people could share equipment . I guess.
Dec 28 2012
i think i means why it is here now (while xenon isnt out yet

@Headntail 9% all stat is the highest possible[/quote]

Wait, but I have 12% int per line :O
Dec 28 2012
what about demon avenger?They dont even use ap.How the hell they will get good equips?
Dec 28 2012
Well, you see, once there was a time where classes actually needed their secondary stat. Warriors needed DEX to hit things, for example, and mostly every class needed their secondary stats for equipment.
Sure, this doesn't matter anymore, but I guess that's that
Dec 28 2012
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