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what is your top 3 most respect and least respected class?

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what is your top 3 most respect ed


least respected class in Maple Story?
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CureSword Level 222 Scania Shadower Justaway Guild
Angelic Buster
I/L Archmage

Night Lord
May 31 2013
I dont respect anyone based on the class they play, that is just stupid. I know plenty of people that play more than one class/character. I know plenty of great people that play a class, and plenty of asses that play the same class. Class has nothing to do with the person playing the character.
May 31 2013
Respected: anything rare and underplayed

Least Respected: Everything OP, Jetts, Mihiles, WHs[/quote]

essentially sums up the opinion of 70+% of the people in this thread...all of them simpletons.
May 31 2013
Lunesol Level 211 Kradia Zero Transcendent
I like how there's people that are talking about how they respect the player not the class. This thread is talking about which classes you think are the best and which you think are the worst. Maybe you respect a player for playing as a class because you think them dreadfully boring. Maybe you think Luminious is OP so you don't like it how they're stronger than you simply because of their class. It doesn't mean you instantly hate or like people because of their class. Don't take this thread so seriously or get offended by it.
Jun 01 2013
ShadowOf2 Level 171 Broa Night Lord
I feel sad that people dislike dual blades..
I had one when they came out so I don't like people calling me a bandwagoner.
Jun 01 2013
I/L, Bishop, Evan
Kanna, Lumi, Angelic Buster
Jun 01 2013
oliikills Level 200 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Respected: Buccaneers, Paladins, and all mages excluding Luminous >.<
Least respected: Luminous (I hate them with a passion), Kaiser, and Demon Slayers
Jun 01 2013
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