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what skills do you have that you are proud of?

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4evavoodoo Level 149 Bera Bishop
Well im pretty proud that i
1) can swim all styles: freestyle backstroke breaststroke and butterfly
2) i can speak english mandarin and canto

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ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
Ballet and gymnastics.

I'm proud of a lot of things...but those two are the things I'm most proud of about myself as they take an enormous amount of time and effort. I've had to practice them extensively nearly every day at length since I was 4yrs old. Back then I did it because I really wanted to do a good job for whatever I do it simply because I love it and it makes my life so happy.
Aug 29 2015
otamegane Level 200 Galicia Blade Recruit
I'm pretty good at getting suspended from this site. I once got 4 suspensions at the same time. Got a day suspension just 2days ago too.

Edit: Actually, I think it was 5 suspensions, because I remember getting suspended twice for one post at the time, probably from 2 different mods.
Aug 29 2015
sighanide Level 215 Demethos Bishop
i make pretty legit whale mating call noises
Aug 29 2015
sezbeth Level 177 Galicia Demon Avenger 4
Aside from the intelligence implied by a relatively early academic career, there's also my odd talent for efficiency.

e.g.) Back when I worked at a Harris Teeter (grocery store), I could consistently scan and bag 35-40 items per minute over a span of eight hours. Further, I could pretty much pick up anyone's job in every department in about 10 minutes, as well as end up being able to perform them at a faster rate. I was basically the wild card for employee shortages during my time there.

Essentially, anything which had a system (or could have a system) to it, I could learn and improve.
Aug 29 2015
otomo Level 199 Kradia Buccaneer
Being lazy and dedicating my time to things I enjoy.
Aug 29 2015
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