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what skills do you have that you are proud of?

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4evavoodoo Level 149 Bera Bishop
Well im pretty proud that i
1) can swim all styles: freestyle backstroke breaststroke and butterfly
2) i can speak english mandarin and canto

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gloomydays Level 160 Broa Beast Tamer Cat
I'm pretty good at procrastinating... not necessarily something I'm proud of though.
Sep 10 2015
mantis561 Level 43 Scania Xenon 2 No1Care Guild
I'm proud that I can lift considerably heavy weights. I'm also exceptional at arm wrestling, freestyling lyrics, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and conceptualizing abstract theoretical physics.[/quote]
Yeah, 120 pounders are considerably heavy. 45 POUNDS IS CONSIDERABLY HEAVY! You are pretty humble.

OT: I'm proud of my grades. I would also say I'm proud of my intelligence, but I'm born with that, so... I'm also proud of my computer expertise (I could type 30 - 40 WPM in the 2nd grade and learned some of C# when I was 11) and I love to read and am really good at writing.
Sep 11 2015
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