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tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
i have this fancy Arcade Style controller for PS3 (a special edition made for Street Fighter IV), i have sold it on eBay, which was a big mistake as the buyer sent it back as defective, so now i have $50 in the stupid thing (was $150 brand new from some retail store) and i cant sell it as Brand New (it actually looks brand new) or i risk another return happening.

so at this point i have it listed as "As Is" for $5, i figure if it aint worth $5 i should just destroy it.

maybe i should just destroy it anyways, which would kind of be a shame as its got a fancy box with signatures from somebody high up at MadCatz (the company that made it), as well as a signature from the Street Fighter creator, but if it isnt even worth $5 to somebody i guess destroying it would be best as i could get some enjoyment out of that,

mostly i hate having it around as a reminder of a $50 mistake, but im not gonna give it away, i figure its either worth $5 or i should destroy it.
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