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where are you in 20 years

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i see myself with a collapsible putter and businessman drugs.

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Obscene Level 165 Windia Corsair
Six feet under.
Mar 20 2011
I want to see myself as a chiropractor or a Pediatrician. But yeah xD
Mar 20 2011
LolCats Level 141 Khaini Marksman
Somewhere that I would be in 20 years probably.
Anyways husband, kids, and I want a Corgi.
Mar 20 2011
ItzzArnia Level 120 Yellonde Kaiser 4
i see myself in the music industry orwriting lyrics for famous singers
Mar 20 2011
iElite Level 147 Bera Night Lord
Sadly, having a monotonous life, raising a family and working at a high paying job in either the biotech or medical field
Mar 20 2011
Businessmen don't have time for drugs.
Mar 20 2011
I see myself paying @ZombieOverlord a monthly fee of $3.50 to have my life spared while his zombie minions take over the rest of the world.
Mar 20 2011
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