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where to train/equips?

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tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
ive been away from maplestory until just recently, when i got back i made a new account, made characters for skills and made a BaM as my main and a burning character, now its level 152 (all from 2 days of 2x and Burning) and i havent got a character that high level in a while, my range isnt too bad (46k-49kish without any buffs), mostly as i had equips from an old account and stuff my little brother gave me, where should i train and what are some good equips?
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mrdesix Level 208 Reboot Kinesis 4
Keep your frozen gear for now, or pensalir which ever you're equipping. Save your mesos up, through elite boss farming, for more info on elite boss farming you should youtube it. It will be your primary way of making a lot of mesos for awhile. After you've saved up around 100-200 million mesos which should not take long if you elite boss farm, you purchase chaos root abyss equips, with rare or no potentials on it of course. You should look up guides on youtube related to gearing.
Aug 24 2016

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