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which is more admirable?

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tiesandbowties Level 50 Broa Assassin
which is more admirable? a person who is constantly seeking out knowledge or in the pursuit of something greater albeit in vain or a person who knows exactly how he benefits society and does what he's best at because he's self-aware (this could range from being a garbage man to a doctor)
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chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art chema is intoChema
Porque no los dos?
Jun 27 2018
tiesandbowties Level 50 Broa Assassin
@chema: well in a perfect world, you can do both but logistically it doesn't work like that. a person who works 40 hours a week to support his family of four has little means or desire, let alone time, to devout to greater pursuits in life. i would say there could be overlap for instance if your line of work deals with medical or scientific engineering or research (even then, it's either you make money in your field or you use your time for purely research) but for the most part, they're very much mutually exclusive
Jun 29 2018
nashi Level 205 Broa Bishop Zettai Guild
either or, you can't really say one is better than the other and should happen exclusively. Both are needed. Those that support society and those that try to get it further. I admire any person that's out to achieve good regardless of how or of what kind.
Jul 12 2018
capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
porky no fry rie?
Jul 12 2018
ihadsomething4t Level 32 Scania Fighter
I find it weird to ask questions with valuation like this. It's impossible to predict the fruits of someone pursuing knowledge. If they get lucky or creative enough, they may have more impact than someone who has a more readily apparent role to play in society. It seems weird to say that the pursuer of knowledge is more valuable if and only if they succeed.
Jul 16 2018

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