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diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4

Not much left to do with this character, beyond boss runs and making money. I can still raise my traits for some extra stat increases, I guess, and cube my armor for better potential, and there's Azwan/honor EXP/inner potential but level 200... and I started back in 2007 so a lot of my leveling was done under the old EXP system when getting to 120 took time.
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sumersb Level 57 Bera Assassin
You could level to 200
Nov 24 2012
rewyuio Level 201 Scania Aran 4
you are far from done
Nov 24 2012
ShadeCaro Level 207 Khaini Buccaneer
Level 200 is just the start.

Chaos Pink Bean, Chaos Horntail, Empress Cygnus, they are all waiting for you.
Nov 24 2012
DwerG Level 158 Broa Phantom 4
Do you just play on your own? You have no guild and levelled to 200 by yourself...
Nov 24 2012
taotapp Level 161 Windia Shadower
Do you just play on your own? You have no guild and levelled to 200 by yourself...[/quote]

Can you blame him? Most people are terrible.
Nov 24 2012
Club Level 144 Scania Mercedes 4
Usually there are people with you at 200. Are you social?
Nov 24 2012
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