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x2 on Christmas Day

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AmyTheDino Level 51 Windia Mechanic 2
I'm so disappointed in Maplestory for having a x2 on Christmas Day. Christmas is a day where families (who celebrate it) get together and spend quality time together, but then Maplestory decides to have an ALL DAY x2. It's a great idea for getting money, but why on Christmas day? I find it more reasonable for them to have an all-day x2 on a day or 2 AFTER Christmas, it gives kids time to waste their newly collected money from Christmas on Karma Koin game cards.

This is just what I think of this.
People have different opinions.

EDIT: I hardly play anymore, so I could care less if there's x2 or not. I don't celebrate Christmas either. This is just my opinion.
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ObesePanda Level 165 Windia Demon Slayer 4
You really think Nexon wants us to spend time with our families?
Dec 25 2012
Who cares.
If your with your family your not expected to play.
But if your home all day and your family doesn't travel and no ones at your house, whats the big deal?

Edit: I'm disappointed at OP for being on Basil during Christmas...
Dec 25 2012
I hope u know this isn't the first Christmas nexon having 2x just saying
Dec 25 2012
haha this is wen not celebrating christmas is AWESOME
Dec 25 2012
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
1) All day allows kids to actually be able to pick a time and not be forced in an inconvenient "dinner timed" 2x.
2) I don't know about you, but my family doesn't sit together in the living room all day sharing stories of the yuletide, getting drunk off Egg Nog and being all merry and cheery together. We eat a nice dinner together, we open presents together, perhaps we watch a movie together, the end. You shouldn't assume that everyone actually spends the entire day with their family.
3) Get over it.
Dec 25 2012
Tortoise Level 123 Bera Phantom 4
No, you celebrate christmas with your family on the 24th, and you do nothing on the 25th. LOL. Please guys, lets be realistic.
Dec 25 2012
Eliel Level 110 Khaini Mercedes 4
If my family spent all day with each other, we'd be making quite a few trips to the hospital.
Dec 25 2012
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