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y u do dis?

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ShawnyARAN Level 205 Scania Zero Transcendent
actually kind of funny
Dec 05 2013
MageTerra Level 200 Renegades Blade Master
I enjoyed this thread.

Dec 05 2013
KelvinCEO Level 206 Windia Mechanic 4
lol that's a good one
Dec 05 2013
fearofoneman Level 250 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Here's one for the holidays.

Jingle Bell Rock (Maple Red Blocked)

Maple Red,
Maple Red,
Maple Red blocked.

Maple red patch and maple red bugs.
Brewin' & Cookin' a massive S#!% storm.
Oh the maple red patch is done!

Just kidding,
Just kidding,
Maple's still blocked!

Time to go cry and burn some time,
Smashin' & Smashin' that refresh button,
In a fiery rage!~

What a bright time,
It's the right time,
To f a p the night away~

Maple Red Time,
is a swell time!
To go on basil and cry all day.[/quote]

So other Maplers can be creative if they use their noodle... LOL
Dec 05 2013
Myrlona Level 207 Yellonde Shadower
Lovin these memes
Dec 05 2013
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