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you in MS vs. you IRL

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naruto Level 70 Bera Marauder
hello basilmarket
so i've posted a few threads a lil while back asking about dress/social groups/online's influence, and i'm still working on the same project and would love hear your guys' input. y'all don't have to answer all the questions if you don't want, but any amount of help is greatly appreciated

1 how do you customize your maplestory* character? is there a certain 'look' you go for?

2 how does your maplestory* character reflect yourself (portrayal of your personality, real life self, a certain personality trait, etc.)?

3 assuming you don't dress as ostentatiously as your maplestory* in real life, does your character have any influence on your personal style? vice versa?

4 what does your character say about you that your irl self cannot?

5 in game, do you gravitate to other players who have similar looking characters? (lol ex: do/did you find yourself talking to more 'henehoe' style characters than people with no nx?)

  • *or any in-game/customizable character
thanks guys!
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antisenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art antisenpai is intoAntiSenpai
+1 I like red, I'm tan irl, but pale white looks better with red..sadly.

I'm a scary, evil person irl so ye reflects me so well

No, I wear black shirts mostly, and jeans or something, I am a simple man.

I have no nose, irl I have a nose tho.

I try to look as far from Hene-hoe as possible, not because I despise those people, but because I want to be nothing like them, all they do is talk to one another, have friends, look nice and socialize with one another, who would want that? -dies inside- Really tho, I treat everyone the same, idc if you have more nx than me or none at all, if you have none then I have a full CS full of crap that I give out every now and then.

How to say this, because this is an online game with little to no irl interactions we are able to be who we want to be, or who we can be. If you tried to being your maple char outside irl then you'd just be a fool or you'd be some cosplayer (Which is cool sometimes, like holy hell some thing those people pull off are awesome) but yeah, it's best to keep irl away from the interwebs.
May 05 2016
mochapk Level 113 Mardia Buccaneer
The only thing I try to match to myself is the hair, and maybe eye color. Everything else doesn't matter. I just wish they had Metrosexual in Black instead of different shades of white so it'd be a perfect fit.
May 05 2016
glyph Level 212 Bellocan Dark Knight
1. I didn't make my look.

2. I don't think it does, unless the person who made my look intended for it to.

3. No.

4. I'm not sure it says anything like that, unless the person who made my look intended for it to.

5. No. I actually gravitate towards people with minimal nx and type with some punctuation in game.
May 05 2016
vivabasura Level 239 Demethos Battle Mage 4 See what games, anime & art vivabasura is intoBasura
1~3 i love black jeans so i put them on my character and myself, chains and skull ornaments r pretty cool but i dont wear that anymore irl lool, i like my character to reflect what i like and thats something i dont do anymore irl because i dont like people approaching me thinking they know what i like and hitting on me chit chatting about it and its so hard for me to tell others to keep their distance so now i try to go unnoticed, this isnt a problem online because people dont do that much and when they do i take it as a joke cus lol they hitting on pixels and its actually funny so i follow the game and sometimes i do it myself heheh
4 im trash
5 i talk to anyone who approaches me really though im not very talkative, my videogames time is solitude time

hope thats a helpful input for your project i rly love projects that have something to do with how people's minds work
May 05 2016
helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
+1 1 I go for a "green" look because green is my favorite color.

2 Well I try to be as nice and helpful as possible. Green has always been a very neutral yet happy/ helpful color.

3 It's more like my personal tastes influenced my character (used to wear a lot of green as a kid)

4 I mean, I would say that my character is a lot more outgoing than I am. I'm not an introverted person, but I feel like I'm less willing to help total strangers in real life (but that might just be common sense)

5 Nope.
May 05 2016
fairystories Level 219 Bera Night Walker 4
1. Whatever I feel like. I avoid having things all one color because it looks really lame, imo.

2. It doesn't. I don't make it a habit to walk around with colored pigs or tutus. The only thing my character(s) have in common with the "me" irl is the mind-boggling amount of clothes and accessories. That's about it.

3. Not at all.

4. Nothing?

5. I don't really care what other people are wearing so it doesn't really affect my decision to talk to or not talk to someone else. I used to like matching my friends' nx looks for fun, but it gets old pretty quickly. I like changing it up several times a day.
May 05 2016
lithemovement Level 176 Bellocan Night Lord
1. I thought the title said "Me vs. You IRL".
2. What happened to fakestories anyway? I'll give some props to the cosplays you did.

1. Usually went for some vague fantasy-type theme, but I had to vary it up here and there with "ordinary" and other themes. The basis is so that I can imagine stories for characters to make the game fun - something that was removed with extraordinary damage creep and really lame storyline quests.

2. It doesn't. Reason being I don't look at myself in the third person in real life so I just tend to not care.

3. For reasons above, nope.

4. If I had to look at myself in the third person every time I did something, I would want to look good for myself. I still wouldn't care for other peoples' opinions.

5. I didn't talk to anybody - didn't really care and the social aspect was slowly being gutted from the game by the time I started dressing up my characters. I didn't really need to beyond trades for the NX anyway since the storylines I'd imagine up were enough for entertainment.
May 05 2016
pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
1. i go for originality i guess?
at the time i made this look, i never saw anyone with the hat so i was like "o " and then somehow i just added some more uncommonly used stuff like this wep and shoes. i still don't see this hat worn a lot, so now it's kinda my trademark hat

2. i like to be original.. kek?

3. no i only wear black/grey/white irl kek

4. im actually a lot more aggressive and rude irl. also i have rbf irl.. lmao
but people tend to approach me more easily online since rbf is not present on my character

5. i talk to anyone if they aren't giving off the a) fuqboi vibe b)*ANNOYING begging noob vibe c) i'm-better-than-you vibe
ofc i prefer socializing with my friends so in a way im drawn to them?
May 05 2016
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