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you know you are addicted when

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willca1 Level 168 Reboot Dark Knight
Ok, so i know this type of thread comes up maybe every month but i haven't seen one recently at all so i'm making one out of curiosity.
So what would tings you think are signs of people who are addicted to maple, for me personally today i saw a car and on the back it had the letters SE and i thought of the skill sadly...but what do you think?
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Pkpkpie Level 155 Scania Dark Knight
When i am still on basil after quitting.
Mar 22 2012
I don't think your addicted for just thinking of the skill SE, but your addicted when your curve your whole life to maplestory
Mar 22 2012
MrAngel Level 158 Windia F/P Arch Mage
when ur standing/sitting at ur fav place and then a crowd comes in and you try to ask them to cc
Mar 22 2012
you know your addicted to maple when you make these threads >.<
Mar 22 2012
AirSlicer30 Level 145 Khaini Bow Master
when it is your only entertainment, and you have to stay online even when you are bored and not doing anything.
Mar 22 2012
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