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Let me be the next to scream into the void. Every day I go home from work; a piece of my soul taken from me by my crappy high paying job that I hate. The money coming in is good and I don't at all struggle to pay bills. But work is just draining me of my soul each and every day, turning me into a zombie inside. I just don't want to have to keep doing it for another 34 years until retirement. Man I wish I could just go back to the days where I could just log into maple and mindlessly grind for hours on end without giving a damn about the real world. Anyway how's your life going?

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Was everything from the old basilmarket removed? :( I do miss the interactivity of the platform! The other day, I remembered how we had to verify people's legitimacy in selling NX by whispering "trustworthy" and high-leveled individuals from well known guilds! It just made me realize that even as a 15 year old, we were exposed to some pretty complex social conventions in the virtual world of MapleStory... even having "tracks" to find out who's inside a PQ and using autoclickers just to get into them... Crazy times those were!! ;)

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