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Was everything from the old basilmarket removed? :( I do miss the interactivity of the platform! The other day, I remembered how we had to verify people's legitimacy in selling NX by whispering "trustworthy" and high-leveled individuals from well known guilds! It just made me realize that even as a 15 year old, we were exposed to some pretty complex social conventions in the virtual world of MapleStory... even having "tracks" to find out who's inside a PQ and using autoclickers just to get into them... Crazy times those were!! ;)

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Hey i was wondering if cloud robes are still worth anything? I accidently sold one f or only 1b and it was IMEEDIATELY bought within minutes, but i had two. I threw one in auction house f or the price someone told me they got one for . i assume its because its a collector item and one that can be traded with scissors. not entirely sure, as i have been gone for quite some time. i also have onyx blade and some other stuff like pointy hats but i could use help. the prices in elys are pretty unstable and all over the place. sry if im sounding dumb af lmao. im basically a noob all over again and relearning da wayz. i have like a ton of pointy hats i have been putting in, i havent sold any recently but a few months back before my pc fried i sold


Last time I played Maplestory, I didn't hate the cash shop changes I saw. But unfortunately, the thing is, I would rather play the Reboot world experience with just the meso grind, but I also want to transfer all of the cash items I have from my Zero character, which is very dear to me. I think my experience would be good if I could just transfer my character to the Reboot server. I would even be willing to pay money for it. But I have a feeling that will never happen due to server demands, and maybe even economically for Nexon. I can't see myself playing Maplestory on a regular server, but also not on Reboot with a lack of my particular cash items. I know this is picky, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. lol

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Bossing was one of those things that have come a long way in MS. I remember the first Zakums and how people would queue up in lists to get a helmet. I also remember leaving pet loot on by accident and taking one by mistake (I promise!). Over time it became possible to solo Zak quite easily. Horntail was another one that really changed over time. It was a real ordeal to get all the bits to even be able to take on HT. And after awhile people were soloing it. I'm curious what the bossing situation is like these days. Can some of you post some of your fave screens / share some thoughts? #boss

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