What is needed for htpq

All you need for htpq is:
tough dragon skin 10/10
cornian's dagger 1/1
manon's cry 1/1
skull shoulder pad 1/1

is this correct?
I'm being told that you also need all of those certificates that bosses drop.

March 16, 2014

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why don't you look in the quest tab?

Reply March 16, 2014

You also need a Cornian's Marrow, otherwise that's what is needed to enter into the Cave of Life via Moria. To do the PQ, you need 6 people inside of the Cave of Life, so each person will need those items as well. To complete the quest that allows someone to bypass the PQ completely each time they want to fight Horntail, youll need those boss certificates (Pianus, Zakum, Papulatus), as well as the Three Badges that drop in the PQ (farm the stage with the Skelegons for these for each member who needs them).

Reply March 16, 2014