P/c rate for hs/kanna service per hour

I decided to make use of my bishop and kanna since i'm not into merching atm. I was wanting to sell kanna and hs service to people in my server. They are both under level 160 so cant go to sh or hoh. Thanks in advance

March 18, 2014

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everyone is so fixated on actual pay to win
is it really that hard to play the game without being pay to win?
anyhow I just wanted a price to sell to guild mates for when they ask (they do ask)
thanks for the reply

Reply March 18, 2014

Nobody really buys. I've gotten tons of p/cs on it, but theyre all staying at 10-20m/hour.
I smegad 4 times an hour for 5 hours last saturday selling both kanna and hs service (together or seperate) and I got one whisp from a guy that wanted to do 5m/hour

Reply March 18, 2014

Get a job and buy nx if you are gonna sell hs

Reply March 18, 2014

Less than whatever you will make working in real life per hour. Even if you make 1$ per hour in real life, you will still be making more in real life than giving kanna/hs service.

I see some people sell it for 20-40 mill per hour.

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less than minimum wage, more than the global average

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