What range does a Luminous need to clear dojo?

As the titles says, I am curious as to what range a luminous needs to clear dojo. Bare minimum range preferred (i'm trying to make a goal for myself so i keep playing). My current range is 180k buffed.
( i haven't attempted dojo since i had 100k buffed)

I was also wondering how you don't run out of mana during the dojo run. Do you not get hit and kill it before it touches you?

April 17, 2014

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What Kari said^ I personally had around 300k range with 100-150%boss, it's quite ridiculous compared to other classes in terms of minimum range to complete it

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I know for a fact that I needed around 300-350k range with some %boss to be able to clear dojo.

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I remember when I was unfunded compared to now (as well as before they fixed dojo spawn to be instant)

300k ish range buffed with 60% boss damage barely got me through panda. I almost failed a few times too.. you gotta becareful to utilize equilibrium properly in the last two stages.

Also save shadow shell for these last two stages & have hero's will, you will definitely need it to prevent seduces.

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idk about lumi, but most classes require like 240-300k with at least 100% boss or somewhere around there. also for mp/hp u can buy a potion pot in cs for 700nx and lets u use pots anytime inside

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