How old are maplers? General how is the game now question

How old are maplers nowdays? My friends and I were thinking about getting into an mmorpg recently, and I remember liking this game a lot, but idk if I want to play if I'd be the oldest guy on here (23 btw) How's the game btw? Last time I played was like when they released pink bean and stuff. Do people still mess around and play omok and pq or is mostly a grindfest now? If I start playing I'd love to join a social guild in case you guys had recommendations. Thanks guys

September 3, 2016

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Depending on how far back you've played, If it's around atleast 2008~2011, the game now is super easy level. Everything is easy to do, although the jobs are the one that's a bit different. Each class is either harder than it looks or easier than it looks. As for gameboards, not a lot of people play on it, they still use it to go AFK or somesort. I don't know any recommendations since most of the guilds require you to be level 100~120+. But good luck~

Reply September 9, 2016