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Gsync monitor? I'm looking to buy a new monitor, 27-29" 1440p 120hz(+). I've got a gtx 1080 and a high end i7, don't remember which one exactly. I'm looking to play games like bf4, Overwatch, borderlands on max settings. I don't have experience with a monitor faster than 60hz,so idk if I'll prioritize higher frame rates or better visuals. I'm just a little fuzzy on gsync. I feel like I've read it's both important and unimportant to have it if I'm constantly pushing more than 60fps. I'm not sure what the exact impact of upgrading from a 1080p to 1440p resolution will have as well. So, gsync, yes or nah? pls

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Math help So I'm retaking an exam for this job I want tomorrow and I failed on one part. It was something like this: The total cost of utilities for an apartment complex is 790$. There are 28 tenants, varying from 1-4 people per home. The more people per home, the more they have to pay. 1 tenant - 1x 2 - 1.2x 3 - 1.6x 4 - 1.9X And .3 more for each additional tenant. The variable is the amount a home has to pay based on the number of tenants. The total variable amount is 18.3. How would I solve this? Would you just take the cost and divide it by the total multiplier?

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People whove moved out So I told my dad I'm moving out today, and we both got pretty emotional. It wasn't easy seeing him like that. I'm the only family he has in the state, and I feel like garbage, even though I really believe it'll help me out in the long run. I depend on him a lot, mostly from meals. I don't know if I'm making the right decision or not, leaving. I'd only be a few blocks away, and he has friends here too. I guess I just want to read some stories about your situations moving out, preferably from people who left a single parent and weren't in a really abusive relationship with them.

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