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Little bit of 5th job theory crafting I don't really think I can number crunch all of this but i wanted to see if anyone else thought about taking a F/P mage 2nd or 3rd job skill (poison mist or that 2nd job poison thing) and buffing it with nodes (250% final damage at max rank if we take 2nd and 150% if we take poison mist) and then using it with the 5th job thief skill that explodes dots and does 15% more with dots on it. I think if numbers are crunched that has some pretty high potential, at least once the cross surge nerf & phantom buff comes to gms to add on to this you can even take NLs bleed dart


Preperation for fever time So Im looking to 15% scroll my Faf cane this fever time, I'm not gonna hammer it now so I'm just gonna do the 8 and wait for fever time I have the following prepared for the fever time and i was wondering if this would be enough to do 8 slots with 15% level 50 Diligence + All guild perks 55k spell traces 155 10% slates 10 innocence scrolls 3 of the cash shop guard scrolls. Thanks The battle plan is to most likely innocence until i get 4+ (so ill probably get more innos) slate the rest of the slots and guard scroll them, and when guard scrolls are done just go all in. Do you think this will be enough slates / innos?


A question about censorship I posted on reddit I posted this on the maple subreddit about censoring in game about anything related to being homosexual and about peoples opinions. Although I dont want to just look like im advertising I would like to know y'alls opinions. "This is something that has been on my mind a bit recently and it relates to the fact that there is no same gender marriage in maple. I also noticed that "Gay" "Queer" and "Homosexual" are all censored in maple. I would like to know from you guys if you think that it is correct for gay and homosexual to be censored. Because the thing is if younger children who are figuring themselves are playing the game and they see that gay and homo are c

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hyper skill allocation So I have a BaM in reboot and i was wondering where to put my hyper skills, Ayumilove suggests dark genesis additional reinforced, all 3 party shields and dark aura reinforce. But to be honest i really dont use party shield that much and I think that hyper line is pretty boring, I was thinking of doing Dark aura reinforce Weakening aura reinforce (the ele res reduction makes me do a lot more damage to gollux, magnus, hilla etc) And all 3 into dark genesis, is this skill point usage viable at all because to be honest it seems more appealing to me.

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