General Phantom

Upgrading cane So i recently got an empress cane (i have full empress without shoulder already), passed a unique pot on it, and cubed it to 1 line of 9% luk, the other lines are insignificant. It helped my break 100k range buffed with mw 23 without links. With links i should be about 130k. But the problem i'm facing is that it's clean but i hammered it so i have all 10 slots, so i have a couple options but i'm not sure which one to take. I'm gonna be getting enough 50s on my phantom to scroll by the end of the event september 3rd, i'm at 93 (I need at least 200 for 10 and even more without CS protection). I also have about 48k NX which i want to use for either cubing to legendary or buying protection scrolls. So i can 1) Wait till i have 10