General Bowman

Help making an accessory? I need help making a 130 bowman face accessory. I can provide recipe and enough materials for 2 of the accessories. Keep the second to sell or use, give it to me, don't even make it, I don't really care. I'd ask my friends, but I already have and they're being butts. I play in Mardia and will be checking this from time to time. I normally play on Mondays for the most part now. 3pm-9pm EST and 1am-4am est. I will get on at other times if I have to, though. Thanks for reading.^_^


I'm actually gonna do a Luminous video tomorrow with my friend in this video, Shakalaka117. Yes, i know him irl, Yes I know where he lives, yes we hang out, and yes we live in the same state. Hell, practically the same city. Anyway, do whatever. Like, hate, I don't care. I'm early in my career and I know my flaws just by watching this video. I will work on them. Also, it seems that Shaka and I do our flawless runs ONLY when I'm NOT recording. I don't lag and I don't do anything different except just hit one little button twice. Thanks for watching!

General Updates

Maple not working after newest patch, help After this most recent patch, maple stopped working for me. My firewalls are off. I've redownloaded twice, installed an older version(.89) that i still had on file and attempted to patch from the site, attempted to manual patch the older version, redownloaded the old slow way twice, and recently turned compatibility mode off. Most of the time it doesn't even get to hackshield trying to boot, when it does "We are unable to connect to the login server due to a server check, a firewall block or other network issues." pops up. I know there aren't any server checks and, as stated before, all of my firewalls are turned off. Hackshield for the three other nexon games and the one other mmo I play

General Tech

Can someone help me with a HackShield Problem? I have windows 7 64bit. Up until about 2 weeks ago, Maplestory, HakcShield, and everything ran perfect. Then suddenly, HackShield decides to crap out. It tries loading like 3 times in a row, then it stops and gives me an error message. The error is "0x30000030(805306416) Cannot connect to server". I tried a few things on my own a few times then contacted the Nexon help thing. A GM replied in about 3 days and told me to do the very same things I've been trying for a few days. I take my laptop to the IT people at my school and they try a few things. It's talking and connecting to multiple servers, so it's connecting. I've deleted and redownloaded MS like 10 times, each time deleting EVE