Rankings Medal Why dont we have medals for this. We should D:< Medals like "Gold/silver/bronze Scanian" or "G/S/B Luminous" And global medals like "The Next Fangblade/Korwyn/Novinha" To be picked up at Dalair when you are at those ranks :o Ofc it would have to have a lv200 req so newjob/worlds would work out...but WHY NOT ;; The ranking system is already on the character selection screen, so it shouldnt even take that much more work to implement something like this.

General Hayato

Hayato Hyper Skills Source: According to TWMST v0.57;snA=825664;snA=825748 Video:;t=30s [b]Shinsoku Reinforce[/b] Damage +20% [b]Shinsoku Bonus Attack[/b] Attack Count +1 [b]Shinsoku Boss Damage[/b] Boss Damage Increase 20% [b]Falcon Dive Reinforce[/b] Damage +20% [b]Falcon Dive Extra Target[/b] Monster Count +2 [b]Falcon Dive Bonus Attack[/b] Attack Count +1 [b]Hitokiri Strike Extra Target[/b] Monster Count +2 [b]Hitokiri Strike Bonus Attack[/b] Attack Count +2 [b]Hitokiri Strike Cooldown Reduce[/b] Cool Down Reduced by 100% **this is most likely a typo, its way too OP, guessing they meant 10% [b]Hayato's Sword[/b] Consume 200 MP to deal 500% damage to 14 targets 8 times. Cool Down : 8 Seconds Required Level : 170 **Same as Demon Avenger's


Inner Abilities KMS and MSEA got new inner ability systems during unlimited. [quote=Max] Inner Abilities have been reorganized! They are now called Ability, and each line is automatically unlocked when you reach level 30, 50, and 70 (these are your actual levels, not Honor levels!). The ranking system has been changed from C, B, A, S to Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary. All the Circulators have been combined into a single Ability Circulator which you can buy from Aswan or get from bosses. When you gain a certain amount of Honor experience, you will receive free Circulators. The Honor system has been reorganized! Monsters can now drop the Medal of Honor, which gives 100 to 1000 Honor when used! Boss monsters will drop them at a more frequen


Silly Antibandwagoners Seriously, why do people care? Why are people complaining that more people wish to play the class which they are playing? Too often i see people posting about how bandwagons are ruining their class..blahblah The amount of people playing a class should not affect your decision in whether or not you play it. If you enjoy a class, play it, if you don't then don't. Stop making decisions based on other people's preferences. It's not like youre using a linux because everyone else is using a PC or Mac. [quote=TylerDurden] You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all a part of the same compost pile.[/quote] Dancing loli unrelated:

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