General Updates

quotFailed to use the skill due to an unknown reasonquot I keep having the message "Failed to use the skill due to an unknown reason" pop up in my chat each time I enter a new map or change channels. I also noticed it begins after I finish killing gollux. Even after logging off or trying to remove my pet and effects and stuff I can't get rid of the chat spam, and I feel it's lagging me a little bit (affecting dojo times). Does anyone know why this is happening or what I can do to fix it? Thanks Basil!


New Training Area So it looks like the best new training map (personal opinion) is Black Heaven: Black Heaven Maze 5. The spawn rates are very high, the enemies are level 230, and each kill gives 129324 exp. There are no safe plats, so if someone wants a kishin mule, they should have HP pots on a pet as well as a high chair / soaring mount. Debris constantly falls and inflicts a lot of damage, so be careful when using a kanna. (190+ to get here) The missing is really annoying, so I guess I'd say 210+ to attempt to train here? I think the mobs have between 25-30mil HP. Not 100% sure. In case anyone was curious. I also died while typing this because I forgot about falling debris :c Don't afk here!


Miracle Time Cubing Method Hello Basil, As some of you may be aware, there is a miracle time on July 12th. For those who don't, surprise! I have 60k NX for cubes, and with the discounted items, I wanted to know the best course of action for cube spending to get what I'm looking for. I have a dragon khanjar that I'm cubing from epic, and my explorer emblem that I'm cubing from unique. The end goal is to have them both legendary with good potential. One thing to note, I also have enough materials to make myself 15 meister cubes to accompany the other cubes. How should I buy my cube packs to maximize my chances of getting what I'm looking for? I was thinking either 22 black cubes and 22 red cubes, or just straight 33 black cubes. I wanted to s

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