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The moment I realized I was fat So as an normal 5'7 guy today I went to Mcdonalds to show off my height, I was eating 4 big macs with lettuce and tomatoes and a diet coke, never drank diet before so I decided to gave it a shot to know how it tasted. It tasted like a stupid pepsi, but I didnt care because the burgers were so delicious that I facedesked to my burgers because omg idk it was like some kind of an ''organic-gasm'' that made me do it. Hours later on the streets these dudes were like LOL HEY NICE BOOBIES BABY!! they ticked my titties and said: CALL ME XOXOBABY, i was like lol im too good for you bye, I proceeded to buy ice cream at 7-11, while walking back a sentence came to my mind like if I was punched with it out of nowhere. ''W