AndreaVerilia #General Talk


Did you play Maplestory 2? is it good? Recently I got tired of LoL (Perma ban lel), I don't like depending on other 4 retards to win a game 1 hour long, its dumb. Today I was cooking and was like... where I put the pan lid, and then the godlike panlid shield came to my mind, so when I finished I googled ''Maplestory pan lid'', and felt so much nostalgia when I saw all those pre big bang pictures, the world was limited to Hunting ground, pig beach, mushroom tree, and Ant tunnel... then I scrolled way too much and Maplestory 2 pics started appearing, doesn't look that good IMO like Ms did when I was a child... I remember I would get so excited just to kill mushrooms and listening to ''missing you'' on that tree, loved old MS ennviroment But s