Farm Tempest Ring vs Getting Tempest Set Which is better? So it's clear that the Empress Set is better than the Tempest Set, but Tempest Set only cost Tempest Coins. Right now, Tempest Rings goes for 75mil a piece in Arcania and it's alliances, and cost 45 Tempest Coins (correct md if I'm wrong). It takes 505 Tempest Coins for a Tempest set. For that many coins you can get 10 Tempest Rings which is 750mil. Empress Set pieces only cost upwards of 100mil a piece for 5 pieces, plus leaves you with choices of belt, shoulder and earring. The extra 250mil can go towards potential scrolls to make up the difference in potential. Wouldn't that be better? Only thing is Empress Set requires the weapon. I plan on getting this set for future Angelic Bus

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Is this flirting? Okay maybe Ive been in a relationship for too long, I can't tell if this girl is flirting with me. We're texting and this is what she says: "Haha ya, cuz you would think it weird for me to call you cutie lol" (Me) "Cutie would be an accurate description of me though :(" "Haha why the sad face then? :-) " (Me) "Sad face that apparently I'm not a cutie " "Ohhh you put would not wouldn't, that why I was confused, and.... YES YOU ARE! :-) " "Your a cutie patutie to me darlin C:" QUICK IS SHE FLIRTING? DO I FLIRT BACK? EDIT: I WAS in a relationship for two and a half years (and got cheated on twice in one relationship). I'm single now but I FORGOT HOW TO FLIRT.


Nxless way to get good potentials Would it be easier/worth it to just buy a lot of the same equip and fuse it till it has at least an Epic potential before cubing than cubing from Rare? I really rather not spend a load of money on this game. I'm talking about Lv90+ equips, just like top/bottom/shoes/earring/cape. It would probably be ~1mil per piece of equip, and maybe 1 in 30 equip fused will be Epic. Again, just an estimate, but 30m for an Epic equip that your job can use is pretty cheap to me. That is if I can find 30 of the same equips in the FM in a small server like Arcania o.o.

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