Marvel Loot Just tried out Marvel Machine. Dunno if any of this stuff is tradeable but I'll list them all out. Can I get a p/c on those that can be sold in Scania? Shovel Snow Manual x2 Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50% Premium Surprise Box x2 Perfect Bonus Potential Stamp x2 Royal Hair Coupon Summer Surprise Style Box x3 Evolution Two-handed Weapon ATT Scroll (2)x2 9th Anniversary Prime Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon (3) Unique Potential Scroll 80% Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50% (1) 5 Star Enhancement Scroll Special Potential Scroll Action: Red Mesoranger Manual 4 Hours 2x Drop Special Card x2 Red Cube Terminus Prowler Bonus Potential Cube Safety Gem Shield Scroll Bonus Potential Cube (3) Epic Potential Scroll 50% Special Bonus Potential

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