Kms 1.2.245 character balancing [url=][/url] Highlights (comparing to latest KMSt): Wind Archer: Song of Heaven: damage increase for every 1 less targets: 13% -> 20% **Arch Mage (Fire/Poison): Elemental Decrease: final damage boost 50% -> 40%** Thief: Dark Sight: cooldown: 5s -> 3s **Xenon: Mecha Purge Snipe: 400% x 6 -> 345% x 7** Bishop: Vengeance of Angel: final damage boost: 10% -> 15% Mercedes: Final Attack / Advanced Final Attack : previous adjustment reverted Night Lord: Death Star: cooldown 10s -> 14s **Shadower: Advanced Dark Sight**: When attacking in Dark Sight, there is a 30% chance to stay in Dark Sight after the at


B Nebulite -2 sec abnormal status duration Anyone knows where does its effect apply? I'm sure it applies in Gollux, the gollux purple breath will not stun me. I don't know if it applies in Magnus, since I have 97% status resistance w/o potions and my skill nullifies one abnormal effect every 5 min, I never got undead/shadow-web in past one month.. And I'm wondering if it works in Vellum. It seems to me that my friends are getting stunned for much longer time than me. If it really works then the nebulite should have saved my hundreads of if not thousands of lives in C.Vellum.

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