-Note- This video provides more insight into the fundamentals of the Zero class as it contains 3 skill chains for both Alpha and Beta, whereas the video with a level 101 Zero only has the 1 basic skill chain. Every 10 levels (a chapter of the storyline) gives both Alpha and Beta a new skill chain to use. Alpha skills are blue and are highly mobile, whereas Beta skills are red and are slow but hard-hitting. Keep in mind that there is a slight delay on all my skills as I am not from Korea. *Remember to watch in HD* The new 신의아이 Child of God content has introduced a completely different class - Zero! Zero has come with its own world; Mirror World. Mirror World is the only place where Zero can train, as Monsters/PQs in "n

General Merch

Auction House With the implementation of auction house, the maple economy will experience a drastic structural change. How will you merchant? Easily, some will say; but with an average price indicator next to an item, any noob can now prevent themselves from being ripped off due to their lack of knowledge! I believe the free market area will disappear entirely, replaced by an auction house NPC in towns. This will allow nx users and non nx users alike to place their items for sale on the common market. During past "happy time" events rewarding free shop permits, I have observed the amount of shops in fm increase by a factor of ten, and thus lead to mass deflation. How will this new way of selling items impact on the maple economy?


*Remember to watch in 1080p HD* Join Arturia in the adventure of a lifetime as we travel back to the origins of the great Cygnus Knight Mikhail. The Empress has authorised the use of her blessing, allowing Mikhail to attack with devastating accuracy; destroying any monster that gets in his way. A level 122 shouldn't really be at Oblivion, but I couldn't resist. However, the monsters' weapon defence was far too high, resulting in halved damage. Nevertheless, missing isn't an option thanks to the Empress. New skill received at level 120 after hunting for 5 peridots. Wpn/Matk + 4%, No Misses for 2 hours. CD 1 day.

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