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ImWanta2 x Mellet [header]has the hots for [/header] [b]imWanta2[/b] said (Apr 11, 6:20am) mellet is a qt3.14 [b]AugustRain[/b] said (Apr 11, 6:23am) HE'S SO [swearing redacted] WEIRD GIRL. STAY THE [swearing redacted] AWAY FROM HIM. OM[]G ok so he messaged me me out of no where saying, "do you like me" and i msg back, right, saying, "who the [swearing redacted] are you" and he says, "do you like me" and im like "wt[] lmfaoooooo" and so i try to have a conversation with him right cus he was boring the hell out of me then out of no where he stops talking. he's so weird. stay away from him. omg then i saw him in game and he's like "omg..." and i kinda just paused n was like [swearing redacted]