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Hope for the futureD? I sent a ticket to Nexon about a month ago about not being able to put our overclock skill in pet auto buff gem. They recently replied saying: Hello, I am sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. Thank you for reporting this issue to us. I will be forwarding this information to be reviewed further. Please keep an eye out on our website or forums for any updates regarding this at: Take care and have a nice day. Sincerely, GM Ranolda Nexon America Inc.

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Latest Hunter x Hunter episode Spoiler Alert: Wow at Killua's little brother/sister. Has to be one of the most freighting powers in the show so far in my opinion even enough to potentially kill Mereum if he was still alive. And for the next person who tries to make a wish after something like that....Give me your heart </3. Thoughts on this madness xD? Oh I guess I have a question if someone does do one of these big wishes and the next person fails to finish her 3 requests does the gauge reset on her next requests (making them easier or would it still be hard).

General Mechanic

My own Mechanic revamp Hello, I have decided to make my own revamp of Mechanics since they are one of my favorite jobs and to put them into par with the current game/bosses. This is the first time I have tried this so don't bash me if you hate it, but input is appreciated <3. I feel Nexon was trying to focus on Mechanics utilizing lots of skills rather than just one or two like every other job. You can see this with Mechanics Heavy Weapon Mastery, and Metal Fist Mastery, which ultimately they failed to make it viable. We also are one of the only jobs to utilize summons rather than flat out buffs which sadly hinder us in competing with higher level bosses, as they take forever to setup or flat out don't work on bosses. I will focus on kee

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