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General Shadower

kMSt ver. 1.2.481 Shadower Changes Source: [b]2nd Job - Bandit: [/b] -Meso Guard: a maximum of 10 mesos can be used to guard against one attack now, in addition to existing effects, mesos used to guard against attacks will now be dropped on the floor. Does this mean 10 mesos blocks 50% damage? [b]3rd Job - Chief Bandit [/b] [b]-Meso Explosion:[/b] Mesos will now fly directly at a monster instead of just exploding where they are on the ground, damage has been decreased from 204% to 102%, maximum number of mesos exploded has been increased from 15 to 25, effect has been renewed. [b]New Animation[/b] [b]-Pickpocket:[/b] Pickpocket will now activate on external damage such as poison [b]-Muspelheim[/b]: range has been increased, number of mesos