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Industrial piercing Has anyone ever had an industrial (bar) piercing? I'm thinking about getting it done because it looks pretty cool, but I've read that it takes many months to heal and that's putting me off. Also the fact that you can't sleep on that side for the entire length of time it takes to heal... I'm one of those people who always toss and turn while sleeping and that would probably drive me crazy. So, to anyone who has ever had an industrial piercing done, how did you cope with the healing period and what did you do to keep it clean and infection-free? Feel free to add any other important facts about an industrial too. :)


Ideas to get more critical rate As a Phantom, my DPS relies heavily on my critical rate, which is currently 55% unbuffed. These are the things I already have: -Hyper Critical (10%) -Phantom Instinct (10%) -Piercing Vision (30%) -Sharp Eyes (20%) -An extra 20% occasionally from Judgement Draw -Another 20% every 90 seconds from Final Judgement Draw That all amounts to 95% if I don't have both Judgement Draw's active at the same time, and 75% without any Judgement Draw. What other ways besides Inner Ability and nebulites can I get that extra 25%? Or do I really have to just Azwan for weeks to get circulators and hope to get a decent amount of crit...

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