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What shall I do next? [url=]Read this first if you guys get confused[/url] So Bestfriend 1 has been talking to me all day trying to fix things with Bestfriend 2 but to no avail. Bestfriend 1 texted Bestfriend 2 " Dude I want to talk to you about this, do you mind?" after countless amounts of text Bestfriend 2 responded with "I'm at a party what?". From then on Bestfriend 1 just got depressed and I've been talking to Bestfriend 2's girlfriend about it and asked if she could say anything about it so Bestfriend 1 won't be sad. Now I don't know what to do, it's either: Tell Bestfriend 2's girlfriend to say something about it or Keep convincing Bestfriend 2.

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