Video apologizing If Nexon were to ban your (main) account and the only way you would be able to get it back was by recording yourself apologizing and putting it up on Youtube for all to see, would you do it? Just wondering since I just read an article about how the online game H1Z1 offered to give second chances to recently banned players if they did this, and at least three have complied so far. I'm rather surprised people would be willing to do that just for that game. Would you be willing to do that for Maple Story?

General Updates

Missing files from my Maple Story folder I've been experiencing a lot of problems getting Maple Story to work in recent days on my PC. At first, I laid most of blame on my anti-virus program--AVG Anti-Virus--since it's been claiming that Gamelauncher.exe is a "harmful program" a lot lately and deleting it, and nowadays, trying to login through the website just gets me an "Error Report" message. I haven't found any good solutions to this problem both here and on Nexon's forums, so I simply decided to download Maple Story on my laptop. Having just downloaded it on my laptop to see if I might have better luck with it here, I compared Maple Story's folders on both of them and found that several files that were in the laptop'

General Updates

Is something wrong with El Nath Icy Cold Field? I don't tend to suffer from lag or disconnection problems, but last night while hunting for the Ice Witch in [i]El Nath: Icy Cold Field[/i] the game kept freezing and then disconnecting. o_O After experiencing this several times--it would usually occur after changing channels--I went back to town and experienced no more problems as I played elsewhere in El Nath. Whatever the problem is, it only seems to be situated in that map and not the rest of the El Nath region. Has anyone else experienced this lately?