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Party Shield? LMAO So what enemies laugh at our Party Shield and deal flat damage to us anyways? Because one day I summoned an Elite Boss and I was like "pls nu I just want to train" and it was the warrior dude so I was like being a coward and trying to poke him with BKB every once in awhile. I thought I could use Party Shield and be all safe n sound u kno what im sayin? So, I place Party Shield and the dude just stands there and LAUGHS for like 20 seconds. He teleports behind me and said "nothin personnel kid" and then kills me. WHAT. I WAS LAGGING TOO OK? STUPID SHIELD! Of course, I know 1HKO moves would hit regardless, (though I think they deal reduced damage?) Nowadays I pretty much only use Party Shield on old bosses and to brb in trai