General Battlemage

Staff questions (Fafnir vs E staff) Hello, so I am a bit new to the revamped BaM community and I had a few questions about staves. So I know that Fafnir staves have more M.Att available as well as the set effect, whereas elemental staves have the benefit of speed. Now, I was wondering which one would be better for someone like me. A bit more info: I don't and won't be capping on my BaM. I just don't have the funds for that. However, at some point in the future I'd likely be able to have some decent gear (at least a perfect/legendary weapon.) Secondly, I will probably aim for a +1 Attack speed inner ability but it's unlikely that I'll get it. I don't have any problem acquiring MPE green pots so those are readily available to me. I could also


LF for the ign "Psychic" please!! It's me again, I am still desperate for the ign PSYCHIC. I am not 100% sure who has it but if you do have it or know any information about it PLEASE let me know! I have a lot of great igns for trade of the same caliber. If you claim to have it I will need some proof. Please pm me with any info and I can let you know which names I have for trade. Additionally, I am looking for the ign "Pryce" Thanks everyone. Spread the word if you can, this ign is very important to me.

General Mercedes

Im a mercedes again I've always loved them, ever since they were first released. I think it was the first class in the game that really struck a chord with me and had me hooked from the get-go until the end. From their design to gameplay, they were always my favourite. About two or three years ago, during my last Maple run (I quit on/off) I was hacked. My main was a level 200 mercedes (before the level cap increase) so coming back to this class is definitely bittersweet. I'm only level 20 but there's definitely a very nice feeling about doing it all over again and experiencing it in with a new appreciation. I just felt like sharing since the mercedes community seems very kind and tight knit :'~)