Birrrdddmann/Peerless guild in Bera Hey everyone,I used to be an avid maple player from about 2008-2012 before my account was devastatingly hacked leading me to quit the game. I recently bought a new windows computer and decided to redownload the game to try coming back to it but it seems the game has changed SO much. I was wondering if you guys could break down the game for me a bit, for example last time I played the meso limit was still 2.147B, I noticed that has clearly changed and looking at the markets it seems everything is A LOT more than it used to be. Being that I haven't played in years and my characters are basically stripped besides some small stuff, I was wondering if you guys think it is even feasible to try returning to the

General Bishop

where to train my 6x cleric-10x priest well i just got to level 61 on my cleric after training on dead scarecrows since level 38. where can i go to train now? i have maxed everything except holy arrow, tele, and the skill that adds int. im not funding this acct because my shadower gets all my funds and its a cleric that i mainly made so i can have an hs mule for my guild. so my question is WHERE DO I TRAIN? i dont mind soloing or partying so give me as many options as possible. thank you.


anyone miss the old simplicity of maple When i first started playing maplestory, it was so simple. i began playing in about v22; nx wasn't a big deal, ilbis were godly, steelys were expensive, one mil was considered a good chunk of change. i mean now i find myself barely knowing whats going on. literally right before i made this post i found out there are three new classes coming to maple? i mean come on, where did the simplicity go? i still have no idea why white scrolls are so expensive right now, well more expensive than they were last month. my question for you is, do you miss the old game? today i saw a 21% str chtp for sale for 23bil. WHO HAS 23BIL? max mesos when i first started was crazy, now its nothing. believe me i'm not making t

General Shadower

fast leveling after 120 Last weekend i hit level 120 on my shadower, during the week, i've made it to level 128 on him. is it normal to rage after 4th job and level like an animal? if so when does this start to slow down or when did you stop rage training and relax just so i can be prepared with skillbooks i do and don't need. also what level can you start pap'ing and, well, basicall any boss even zakum. when do those become a reality. im a decently strong shadower, after hitting 128 my range is 7116~10165, so when i can i start having real fun with it?