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What does your name mean in the urban dictionary? If you typed your name in the urban dictionary what would it mean? For example Mike - very cool guy who makes everyone laugh. Once you meet him, you will want to be his friend right away. He is super cute and very good-looking. He has amazing music, clothes, food, everything. Every girl secretly wishes that he could be her boyfriend...mainly because he recently broke up with his girlfriend...mainly because everyone knows that he likes commitment...mainly because he is sweet and knows how to treat a girl...mainly because however strange and weird he may be, he's perfect. In his own little way, he is perfect. Could be your ign too. Example- Crylenol- A substance given for someone ov

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Lets play a game (Borrowed From AG) This is how you play: The person above you starts a sentence with "If life...(it does not have to be gives you). It's pretty much a question. Then you answer the question in a wacky or ordinary ordeal, than create a question of your own. EXAMPLE: #1 - If life gives you lemons #2 - Make lemonade. If life breaks your computer... #3 - Sue life. If life destroys your car... And so on, although you should make it longer and more descriptive than the example. I'll start: If life gives you a bat and a bird, and you could only choose one...


How to Attract females in Maplestory Now I assume you think that they are only after people with Nx right? That is only half correct. Nx Will only get you half the way. What you will also need is a chair and 10k mesos. You see, when you enter the Henehoe habitat (Hene Park/Market) you must use a mating call. Once you have their attention you must be the alpha male (whip out the d if you have too) and tame the female(s) Now once this is done. Use your final weapon, the chair. Preferably a seal chair or a matching theme chair. Now of course your prey will have one but do you? There are specific type of henehoes you should go for. Bright eyes are the easiest. now females like [url=]her[/url] yes. the bright bulging eyes

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